Poem of the Year :-(

This says it all Evidently Covid Town. Tho’ Michael Rosen has much good stuff to say too.

inspiration/fairy dust (poem)

in the old days     we
folios out of fairy wings

sometimes     we
sonnets in selkies’ salttears

when ideas struck     we
imps like carbon paper
our typewriters’ platens

now digitilated     we
prick out
pixielated twinkles on our tablets

Very silly, I’m afraid.

Riddle 2018

windhover     without feathered wing

bumblebuzzer without any sting

I have no bones nor mammal flesh
no armour forged of chitin mesh

untethered     at a mute command
I stoop into my master’s hand

nor     bird     nor bat     nor worker bee

Look up!     and say what I mote be



In the fields the poppies bloom and blow
Talking of Michelangelo.

Conjunction (haiku)

Planting Roses (poem)

September 2017 (haiku)

Bronzed birds’ rust-creak flight
Down sunset river spreads Fall
Far as wild swans wing.

Long Form (haiku)

TMI (haiku)

Brussels Skies (haiku)